Your most important information may not be in QuickBooks

By Anna Masker In standard10th November, 2010

If you are puzzled by your profitability, looking at your P&L will give you only part of your answer. If you are trying to figure out why you are not making any more money even though your sales are increasing, or if your bottom line hasn’t moved from the last few years, here are some


Making the most of 2009’s misery

By Anna Masker In standard30th December, 2009

The last holiday presents have been unwrapped—now it is time to think about wrapping up 2009. It hasn’t been a banner year for many companies but there are some things you can do to make the most of 2009’s misery and make sure you are prepared for 2010. Here are a few things that you


When your customer shows sign of financial trouble

By Anna Masker In standard20th September, 2009

The importance of having a strong and open relationship with your accounts in tough economic times is critical and it is important to pay attention to the warning signs in your business before they hit you where it hurts. Mary Repke, owner and “Chief Bag Lady” at Coakley Business Class, knows this first-hand. As a


Preventing loss from bankrupt customers

By Anna Masker In standard9th September, 2009

It might start with late payments, or unreturned phone calls. It might be that you had no idea there was anything wrong and you get a notice in the mail. When a customer files for bankruptcy it could have a big ripple effect throughout your organization. Here are a few tips to prevent a loss


Finding Funds in the Credit Crunch

By Anna Masker In standard2nd July, 2009

Will you have enough funds to take advantage of the economic upturn? Despite “green shoots” of economic recovery, one problem still persists for many small businesses: access to credit. For those businesses battered by the recession, cash can be hard to come by to fund day-to-day operations, let alone expansion. We’ve come up with a


Webinar: “Three #s That Drive Your Business”

By Anna Masker In standard23rd June, 2009

If you want to use your numbers to help you manage your business but don’t have the time to pour over pages of reports to figure it which ones to use– this seminar is for you. We’ve come up with three simple numbers that drive every business’ money-making engine. These numbers are easy to find and


Want to boost profits? Fire your “best” customers.

By Anna Masker In standard1st June, 2009

You pick up the phone, it’s “them” again– you know, the customer that calls and complains, who needs everything delivered yesterday and who pays late? You are miserable serving them but, hey, they are one of your best customers—they buy a lot and have done so for years. News flash: It might be time to


What’s your Plan B?

By Anna Masker In standard11th May, 2009

Inc. Magazine had a great interview with Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings and author of the book The Great Game of Business. SRC Holdings is managing well even in this environment—chalk it up to Stack’s constant paranoia and always having a Plan B. Here’s how to develop a Plan B: Be paranoid. Stack is


6 Simple Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs

By Anna Masker In standard30th April, 2009

I asked Tina Piccinnini of Coastal Financial Group how employers can reduce their healthcare costs. Her answers are below. If you want more information, please email Tina or call her at (973) 952-0300 x119 What are simple things can employers do to reduce their healthcare costs? Have 5 different plans for 5 employees: Most employers


The value of being easy…

By Anna Masker In standard21st April, 2009

Now that I have your attention—let me clarify… I believe that there is huge value in being easy to work with—so much so that customers would pay a premium for it, even in this economy. If you think about it, everyone is running around, trying hard to make a sale, and trying to find new

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