What’s your Plan B?

By Anna Masker In standard11th May, 2009

Inc. Magazine had a great interview with Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings and author of the book The Great Game of Business. SRC Holdings is managing well even in this environment—chalk it up to Stack’s constant paranoia and always having a Plan B. Here’s how to develop a Plan B: Be paranoid. Stack is


6 Simple Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs

By Anna Masker In standard30th April, 2009

I asked Tina Piccinnini of Coastal Financial Group how employers can reduce their healthcare costs. Her answers are below. If you want more information, please email Tina or call her at (973) 952-0300 x119 What are simple things can employers do to reduce their healthcare costs? Have 5 different plans for 5 employees: Most employers


The value of being easy…

By Anna Masker In standard21st April, 2009

Now that I have your attention—let me clarify… I believe that there is huge value in being easy to work with—so much so that customers would pay a premium for it, even in this economy. If you think about it, everyone is running around, trying hard to make a sale, and trying to find new


Going with the flow—a lesson learned from dying Easter eggs

By Anna Masker In standard9th April, 2009

I spent a better part of Saturday afternoon dying Easter eggs with my two kids (ages 6 and 3) and my 85 year old grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. In spite of my best efforts to keep the proper assembly line going, there was no holding back two kids who couldn’t wait to get their hands


To find cash in your business- staple yourself to an order

By Anna Masker In standard31st March, 2009

The first lesson that most start-ups learn is the difference between profit and cash flow. Even established businesses lose sight of cash flow when times are good, since high profits tend to generate sufficient cash. It takes tough times like these for businesses to take a good hard look at how cash is used and


In awe of entrepreneurs

By Anna Masker In standard30th March, 2009

Many of my colleagues and friends are entrepreneurs. Many have been impacted by the recession facing limited financing, declining sales and tight cash flow. Many are undaunted that they will make it through. Entrepreneurs have started their businesses because they seized an opportunity. Many took the jump from cushy corporate jobs with long hours and


Shaking the money tree– finding cash in your business

By Anna Masker In standard15th March, 2009

When you are short of cash, do you immediately think of going to the bank for more money?  With banks tightening standards these days it might be best to look inside your business for cash that is tied up in day to day operations. Remember the saying money doesn’t grow on trees?  Well, let’s pretend


Unionization– easier with EFCA

By Anna Masker In standard27th February, 2009

Buried in all of the financial news is a new law that could have tremendous negative impact on small business owners nationwide.  It is called the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), and it would allow workers to unionize very easily and relatively quickly if passed. I recently attended a seminar by Jackson Lewis,a law firm


Where did all my money go? Having a cash plan

By Anna Masker In standard29th January, 2009

The single most important financial step that business owners must take in 2009 is having a cash plan, also known as a cash flow forecast. Why should you go the extra step and forecast your bank balance? One word– LIQUIDITY. Never in recent history has cash been so tight for businesses. Between late-paying customers, banks


Planning is more than a sales goal.

By Anna Masker In standard23rd January, 2009

One mistake I see business owners make is setting a sales goal and then considering their plan for the year complete. They are, frankly, selling themselves short (pun intended). A good plan includes sitting down with a pen and paper or (gasp!) Excel spreadsheet and figure out how many widgets you’ll have to sell or

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