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Growing your way into bankruptcy

By Anna Masker In standard4th May, 2017 Growing your way into bankruptcy

“PAUSE, PAUSE, PAUSE!!!” I was yelling at the remote and pushing every button.  I had somehow put the TV show my husband and I were watching  in fast-forward mode.  Exasperated, I tossed the remote to my husband who deftly found the pause button and stopped the madness.  After he stopped laughing, he revoked my remote


The miraculous multiplying dollar

By Anna Masker In standard15th March, 2017 The miraculous multiplying dollar

The math wasn’t working out.    Our client just relayed to us what he was going to do with the profits of the large account they just landed.  But when we added up how he was going to divvy up the profits, he basically was spending the same $100,000 six times over.    We call


Pay attention to Project Velocity

By Anna Masker In standard13th October, 2016 Pay attention to Project Velocity

Here’s a common scenario:  You are in your post-project wrap up meeting.  The team finished the project under budget and within the allotted hours.  The client is satisfied with the work and everyone on the team starts congratulating themselves on a “job well done.” Except no one mentions that the project took 3 months longer


What’s in your playbook?

By Anna Masker In standard23rd September, 2016 What’s in your playbook?

It’s football season, and with it comes the donning of team jerseys, trips to football stadiums, and Monday-morning quarterbacking. It got me thinking about team playbooks.  Guarded like gold, and critical to a team’s success, a player wouldn’t be allowed on the field without having memorized all the plays. Yet, many businesses operate every day


Your other line of business: Bank

By Anna Masker In standard3rd August, 2016 Your other line of business:  Bank

Again!  The customer didn’t pay again! It was the third month in a row that my client’s customer had some excuse as to why they couldn’t– or wouldn’t– pay. When I looked at my client, I had to ask:  “When did you become a bank?  Because I thought you were in a completely different line


Making your plan happen…

By Anna Masker In standard31st December, 2015 Making your plan happen…

For those of you who painfully slogged your way through the budgeting process for the new year–or those of you who are putting your final touches on your plan –you are probably happy that process is done, or almost done. So now what? Some of you will shelve the budget until you go through the


Sandbagger, Beggar, Martyr, Scrooge…and Other Budget-time Personas

By Anna Masker In standard3rd December, 2015 Sandbagger, Beggar, Martyr, Scrooge…and Other Budget-time Personas

It’s December, and I REALLY should be writing about how important it is to set a realistic budget for the new year.  I know I should write about the proper methodologies for deriving the budget, and how it’s critical for business growth… blah, blah, blah. But I just can’t. I can’t because frankly, I’m sitting


5 Proactive Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

By Anna Masker In standard12th November, 2015 5 Proactive Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make payroll when your clients haven’t paid.  The biggest source of cash flow issues are—hands down– collections. Collecting on open receivables can be a full time job for some companies depending on the complexity of their invoicing, and their customer payment methods and terms.  Unfortunately, many of


The no-exclusion insurance policy

By Anna Masker In standard7th November, 2012

The aftermath of Sandy has left many business owners scrambling for their insurance policies, only to find many of their damages excluded from coverage. There is one no-exclusion policy every business owner should have…


New Webinar: Solving your cash flow problems

By Anna Masker In standard7th June, 2012

Are you being blind-sided by cash shortfalls? Learn why you may be encountering cash flow surprises, create a usable cash flow forecast and learn strategies that you can use when cash is tight.

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