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It’s more than flipping a switch

By Anna MaskerIn standard21st April, 2017

“It can’t be THAT hard…”  That was the unspoken message my prospect was giving me over the phone.

I knew where this was heading. It was leading to a “thanks, but we can do it ourselves” conversation.  I knew it would have taken them a lot longer, a lot more energy, and a lot of trial and error to get to the same result.

When it comes to accounting, it is more than flipping a switch on in QuickBooks.

When you have a user-friendly and widely-used software like QuickBooks, you can pretty much Google your way to answering many of your questions. There are a ton of how-to articles and step-by-step instructions on doing nearly everything in the software.

But what many of these sites leave out– and that my prospect didn’t realize– is that there is an equal amount of time to consider the DESIGN of the processes before you log in, flip on a switch, and activate a feature in QuickBooks. There isn’t a website in the world that will say how to use the feature specifically for your business. That’s why hiring an expert can make the difference between a successful implementation, or not.

When you design a system you need to keep the following in mind:

  1. What’s the end game:  what do you want to accomplish with the feature you want to activate?
  2. What are the hiccups: does a one-size-fit-all solution apply here or are there exceptions you need to consider?
  3. What are the transition plans: when do you plan on starting this, is it only for new transactions or are you going to retroactively change historical transactions?
  4. How you are going to control it:  How do you enforce compliance and ensure accuracy?

I’d have to say every process we’ve designed — and the keyword is design— have looked straightforward on paper, yet despite many conversations and prep to account for all scenarios, there always is one exception, and many follow-ups. It’s very common once we start getting better information that these turned-on features provide, it leads to more questions and additional requests for more data.

Launching into using a new feature without properly designing the process leads to a lot of wasted time and energy, and in many cases, leads to useless data. You want to design a system and processes that will give you a data-rich accounting system that you can draw insights from— in both the short and long term.  I hope I’ve convinced you that there is more to flipping on a switch in QuickBooks to activate features.  And if my prospect is reading this (and you know who you are…) maybe you should reconsider the do-it-yourself approach.  You have my number if you do.

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