“Well… that sucked.”

By Anna Masker In standard19th April, 2016 “Well… that sucked.”

“Well… that sucked.” That was the summation of a business owner’s experience filing his taxes this year.  He finished working with his CPA feeling underserved, unimpressed and blind-sided by a big tax bill he didn’t know was coming. Before this turns into a gripe session about accountants, let’s set one thing straight.  CPA firms are


Increasing your Accounting Velocity

By Anna Masker In standard8th April, 2016 Increasing your Accounting Velocity

Ever think of your accounting department as being quick, savvy, and fast?  No?  You’re not alone. Seriously– I can’t think of a bunch of more slow-moving meticulous, analytical  people in the universe.  (And I’m one of them, by the way.) If there is one complaint we hear from owners is that they never get information


Spring Cleaning Your Balance Sheet

By Anna Masker In standard1st April, 2016 Spring Cleaning Your Balance Sheet

Just as it’s time to clean out closets and wash windows it might be time to do a little spring cleaning on your balance sheet. Why is cleaning up your balance sheet important?  It’s the first place most banks and investors (and you) look when  you  measuring the health of a business.  If there’s a


My March “Madness”

By Anna Masker In standard21st March, 2016 My March “Madness”

I get mad in March. It’s not because I stink at my basketball picks, or that the weather can’t decide if its still winter or spring. I get mad in March because it’s when the CPAs’ adjusting journal entries come rolling in, and often blow up any kind of analysis one could do on the


Stepping Over Dollars to Pick up Dimes

By Anna Masker In standard14th March, 2016 Stepping Over Dollars to Pick up Dimes

  Recently I  attended a presentation about a new accounting technology that streamlines the AP and expense reporting process.  I was impressed, and started running through in my mind how well this could improve the lives of our clients, give them better control over their travel spend and give them the ability to scale into


Accounting Technology and Betty the Bookkeeper

By Anna Masker In standard7th January, 2016 Accounting Technology and Betty the Bookkeeper

If your accounting function isn’t embracing new technology, you are spending more money than you should in that function.  And it’s probably impacting your cash flow due to higher expenses, slower processes, and dependency on snail mail and paper. Gone are the days of manual data entries, paper checks and snail-mailing invoices.  Going are the


Meh. Here’s Our Obligatory Year-End Checklist:

By Anna Masker In standard17th December, 2015 Meh. Here’s Our Obligatory Year-End Checklist:

Why is it at the end of every year everyone puts out a checklist of items they need to do before the new year begins?  Are we not more creative than that? Bah humbug.  Checklists are boring!   Let’s call it something different… the “Year-End Wrap Up”.   Yes—that’s it! Ok, it’s really a checklist, but humor


Sandbagger, Beggar, Martyr, Scrooge…and Other Budget-time Personas

By Anna Masker In standard3rd December, 2015 Sandbagger, Beggar, Martyr, Scrooge…and Other Budget-time Personas

It’s December, and I REALLY should be writing about how important it is to set a realistic budget for the new year.  I know I should write about the proper methodologies for deriving the budget, and how it’s critical for business growth… blah, blah, blah. But I just can’t. I can’t because frankly, I’m sitting


Are You Outgrowing Quickbooks? Part II

By Anna Masker In standard4th November, 2015 Are You Outgrowing Quickbooks? Part II

In our previous post we talked about how companies feel they are outgrowing QuickBooks, but in many cases they are either outgrowing their accounting processes or they just don’t know what QuickBooks can do. So what are your options if you are outgrowing QuickBooks—and at what point do you need to consider going to an


Are You Outgrowing QuickBooks? – Part I

By Anna Masker In standard29th October, 2015 Are You Outgrowing QuickBooks? – Part I

We often get asked “at what point does a company outgrow QuickBooks? It is a startup accounting package, after all.” And frankly, we have to agree.  It is a startup accounting package. …And an accounting package for growing firms, and a general ledger for certain well-established businesses.  Basically, QuickBooks is an accounting package that can

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