Cash Flow


Making your plan happen…

By Anna Masker In standard31st December, 2015 Making your plan happen…

For those of you who painfully slogged your way through the budgeting process for the new year–or those of you who are putting your final touches on your plan –you are probably happy that process is done, or almost done. So now what? Some of you will shelve the budget until you go through the


Sandbagger, Beggar, Martyr, Scrooge…and Other Budget-time Personas

By Anna Masker In standard3rd December, 2015 Sandbagger, Beggar, Martyr, Scrooge…and Other Budget-time Personas

It’s December, and I REALLY should be writing about how important it is to set a realistic budget for the new year.  I know I should write about the proper methodologies for deriving the budget, and how it’s critical for business growth… blah, blah, blah. But I just can’t. I can’t because frankly, I’m sitting


5 Proactive Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

By Anna Masker In standard12th November, 2015 5 Proactive Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

Cash flow:  it’s the biggest issue most businesses face. It is a huge distraction driven by the unpredictability of the timing of customer payments. Collecting open receivables can be a full time job for some companies depending on the complexity of their invoicing and their customer payment methods and terms.  Unfortunately, many of our clients


The no-exclusion insurance policy

By Anna Masker In standard7th November, 2012

The aftermath of Sandy has left many business owners scrambling for their insurance policies, only to find many of their damages excluded from coverage. There is one no-exclusion policy every business owner should have…


New Webinar: Solving your cash flow problems

By Anna Masker In standard7th June, 2012

Are you being blind-sided by cash shortfalls? Learn why you may be encountering cash flow surprises, create a usable cash flow forecast and learn strategies that you can use when cash is tight.


The empty spot on your bench

By Anna Masker In standard25th May, 2011

Ask any business owner if they ever have enough money or enough people to get the job done and their answer is probably a guffaw and a resounding “NO!”

When you ask them who they need (in a perfect world) you’ll hear they need sales people, operations people and line workers. Rarely do they say they need this one critical position.


Let’s talk about money—YOUR money

By Anna Masker In standard28th February, 2011

OK, I’ll be frank. Sometimes business owners can be the greatest downfall of their own companies. You’ve probably heard the hundred ways this is possible from management and HR issues to lack of “business” skills. I’m in the business of finance, so I’ll talk about only one—handling money. There are two scenarios where a business


How well have you figured out the 4Ms of business?

By Anna Masker In standard9th January, 2011

For any business to be successful, they need to have a good plan looking at the 4Ms of business: Money. Do you have enough money so that your business is paying its own bills? Or does the owner or investors need to sink their funds into the business to keep it afloat? If you are


When your customer shows sign of financial trouble

By Anna Masker In standard20th September, 2009

The importance of having a strong and open relationship with your accounts in tough economic times is critical and it is important to pay attention to the warning signs in your business before they hit you where it hurts. Mary Repke, owner and “Chief Bag Lady” at Coakley Business Class, knows this first-hand. As a


Preventing loss from bankrupt customers

By Anna Masker In standard9th September, 2009

It might start with late payments, or unreturned phone calls. It might be that you had no idea there was anything wrong and you get a notice in the mail. When a customer files for bankruptcy it could have a big ripple effect throughout your organization. Here are a few tips to prevent a loss

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