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Most Entrepreneurs’ Dirty Little Secret

By Anna Masker In standard13th February, 2019 Most Entrepreneurs’ Dirty Little Secret

What is most entrepreneurs’ dirty little secret? They don’t understand their financial statement. And without it, they miss key opportunities and dangers. It’s OK. We know. You may not know what to do with your financial statements or why you should even care. It’s most entrepreneurs’ dirty little secret – they don’t know what to


Announcing our new web-based KPI dashboards!

By Anna Masker In standard14th January, 2018 Announcing our new web-based KPI dashboards!

We are excited to announce that we will be rolling out our new web-based KPI dashboards this month!  For those of you who are Profit Point Consulting (PPC) clients, you’ll start seeing these in January.  If you have worked with us in the past or have inquired about our services we are offering a free


“It’s not a toomah!”

By Anna Masker In standard1st August, 2017 “It’s not a toomah!”

Flipping through the channels, I happened to hit upon the greatest line of the movie Kindergarten Cop. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an undercover cop acting as a Kindergarten teacher.   While he was struggling to manage the rowdy class, he happened to complain about a headache. One child said, “Maybe it’s a tumor!”  to which Arnold fired


Why doing client work is bad for your business

By Anna Masker In standard16th June, 2017 Why doing client work is bad for your business

I looked at my calendar, and 75% of the month was color-coded blue. I knew that was very bad. Blue on my calendar=client work. And me doing client work is bad for my business. If I had to guess, you doing client work is bad for your business too. I’ve been color-coding my calendar for


I’m sorry, I forgot my magic wand at home.

By Anna Masker In standard10th April, 2017 I’m sorry,  I forgot my magic wand at home.

“Why are we still finding issues with our numbers?!  It’s been three months since we started this process!” my client demanded.   He was right.   We were STILL finding issues with the numbers.  It was futile to mention all the things we had already fixed, or explain to him that when you fix some


“The Short Hurt”

By Anna Masker In standard24th March, 2017 “The Short Hurt”

I think I’m in love…   I’ve fallen hard for a phrase I just heard and I cannot get it out of my mind because it sums up everything so succinctly and powerfully that my many, many words and conversations with clients and blog posts over the years could never do.  It is “The Short


Just leave it, PLEASE!

By Anna Masker In standard26th January, 2017 Just leave it, PLEASE!

One of the commands we are working on with my dog is “Leave it.”  The other day I was taking her for a walk and a rabbit ran right in front of us, and as soon as I said “Leave it,” she wanted to chase it– quite the opposite of my well-intentioned command. Ironically, I



By Anna Masker In standard4th January, 2017 WHEW!!

Whew! Whether you are breathing a sigh of relief that you can put a dismal 2016 behind you or breathing a sigh of gratitude for the break the holidays provided from your record-breaking year, the start of the new year is a good time to pause and reflect on the good and the bad of the previous


Death by DIY

By Anna Masker In standard17th November, 2016 Death by DIY

The client called me almost 6 months after we had originally spoken.  They had chosen to take our suggested solution and implement it themselves, saying it was cheaper to do it in house rather than to hire us. Six months later, what they had was a bigger mess than what they started with.  Unfortunately, they


Are you “flying blind?”

By Anna Masker In standard11th November, 2016 Are you “flying blind?”

Often, we speak to business owners who feel they don’t have clear visibility on their numbers or what drives their businesses’ performance.  Time and again they use the same phrase…”I’m flying blind.” Normally these are businesses that are struggling in some capacity, whether it is managing cash flow or profitability, or trying to understand what’s

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