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By Anna Masker In standard3rd November, 2016 Squirrel!!!

It’s conference season for me.  I’ll admit, at these conferences I’m like a kid in a candy shop. It’s the new technology that gets me excited, and there are so many new developments even since last year, it’s unbelievable. I find myself saying again and again, “oh, we could use that…” or, “our client would LOVE


Spooked by Risk?

By Anna Masker In standard24th October, 2016 Spooked by Risk?

There was once a time that my kids hated the scary characters roaming the street on Halloween.  They would give every ghoul or goblin a full 6 feet of clearance as we passed, and would cling to my hand a little tighter.    I miss those days.   Now my kids are all over Halloween,


What’s in your playbook?

By Anna Masker In standard23rd September, 2016 What’s in your playbook?

It’s football season, and with it comes the donning of team jerseys, trips to football stadiums, and Monday-morning quarterbacking. It got me thinking about team playbooks.  Guarded like gold, and critical to a team’s success, a player wouldn’t be allowed on the field without having memorized all the plays. Yet, many businesses operate every day


The Big Data in Your Small Business

By Anna Masker In standard26th August, 2016 The Big Data in Your Small Business

There is a lot of big data in your small business. OK, maybe not the Big Data that Google and Facebook capture…  rather, the everyday data that, if you could harness it, would give you big insights and even bigger results. That’s what we consider big data in small business. The key is harnessing that


It CAN happen to you

By Anna Masker In standard10th August, 2016 It CAN happen to you

There was something suspicious about that charge on the bank statement.  The client didn’t remember making that purchase.  They just happened to open the statement email and log into their account to see their statement balance.  Noticing it was unusually low they–“just out of curiosity”– looked to see what they were spending their money on. 


Your other line of business: Bank

By Anna Masker In standard3rd August, 2016 Your other line of business:  Bank

Again!  The customer didn’t pay again! It was the third month in a row that my client’s customer had some excuse as to why they couldn’t– or wouldn’t– pay. When I looked at my client, I had to ask:  “When did you become a bank?  Because I thought you were in a completely different line


Getting too big for your britches

By Anna Masker In standard29th April, 2016 Getting too big for your britches

“You’re getting too big for your britches!”  I found those words spilling out of my mouth as I scolded my 10 year old, to which he responded perplexed,  “Mom, what  are britches?”  I couldn’t help but laugh as his sincere curiosity made my admonishment more of a joke than a parenting win. How often did


Making Payroll by the Seat of Your Pants…. And You Don’t Even Know It.

By Anna Masker In standard14th January, 2016 Making Payroll by the Seat of Your Pants…. And You Don’t Even Know It.

Did you know you barely made payroll this week?  Surely you would have heard about it from your office manager or bookkeeper.  But they didn’t say anything, so all’s good, right?  Maybe not. Here’s a common scenario: The owner pops their head in to the bookkeeper or office manager’s office and says “are we good


Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Why SOPs are a critical part of your business’ growth.

By Anna Masker In standard19th November, 2015 Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Why SOPs are a critical part of your business’ growth.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. When you use your washing machine you expect it to follow the same process each time you use it.  Your clothes go in dry and dirty and come out wet and washed….every single time. Why can’t that consistency happen with your business? It can with the implementation of documented Standard Operating Procedures,


Is your accounting department helping you spot the iceberg?

By Anna Masker In standard18th March, 2012

What would have happened to the Titanic if they knew about the size of the iceberg before they hit it? If you aren’t getting the right– and timely– information from your accounting department, it may be a sign that it may need an overhaul.

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