“What?! You’re leaving?!”

By Anna Masker In standard20th January, 2017 “What?! You’re leaving?!”

The business owner on the other end of the line still sounded shell shocked. His bookkeeper had just walked into his office to announce she was quitting. He was calling us for some emergency transition help. Like many small businesses, this woman ran his whole back office operation. She managed cash, she paid the bills,


Another November Surprise: Federal Court Blocks New Overtime Rule From Going Into Effect

By Anna Masker In standard9th December, 2016 Another November Surprise: Federal Court Blocks New Overtime Rule From Going Into Effect

This week we’ve asked Lisa Fried-Grodin, an attorney with Meyers Fried-Grodin LLP to be our guest blogger and give us some insights into the changing situation with the new overtime laws. Another November Surprise: Federal Court Blocks New Overtime Rule From Going Into Effect By Lisa I. Fried-Grodin Today, the United States District Court for


Can you afford to hire another person?

By Anna Masker In standard15th July, 2016 Can you afford to hire another person?

It’s the classic chicken or the egg situation. Do you hire a new person to handle all the new business you think is going to come in?  Do you wait for the new business to come in then hire someone? It’s the age-old question every entrepreneur has had to consider. Hiring a new person is


Why lumping labor below the line is bad for your business

By Anna Masker In standard8th July, 2016 Why lumping labor below the line is bad for your business

We often run into companies that book costs under one category — Payroll. And that Payroll line is often found in the expenses section of the P&L, not up in Cost of Goods Sold. So who cares? Labor is labor — especially if you are paying salaries, right? It’s not a variable cost, right? Wrong.


Is your accounting department helping you spot the iceberg?

By Anna Masker In standard18th March, 2012

What would have happened to the Titanic if they knew about the size of the iceberg before they hit it? If you aren’t getting the right– and timely– information from your accounting department, it may be a sign that it may need an overhaul.


The empty spot on your bench

By Anna Masker In standard25th May, 2011

Ask any business owner if they ever have enough money or enough people to get the job done and their answer is probably a guffaw and a resounding “NO!”

When you ask them who they need (in a perfect world) you’ll hear they need sales people, operations people and line workers. Rarely do they say they need this one critical position.


An alternative to “Off with their heads!”

By Anna Masker In standard17th May, 2011

When businesses look for cost savings, one of the first places they look is to reduce one of the largest expenses on their P&L–their employees. We agree that employees are a great place to start saving money– except our approach comes with a twist.


Brain drain- when a critical employee leaves

By Anna Masker In standard12th May, 2011

Think about how much knowledge walks out your door every day. How would your business be affected if a few key people didn’t come back? What if that employee is you?


How well have you figured out the 4Ms of business?

By Anna Masker In standard9th January, 2011

For any business to be successful, they need to have a good plan looking at the 4Ms of business: Money. Do you have enough money so that your business is paying its own bills? Or does the owner or investors need to sink their funds into the business to keep it afloat? If you are


Unionization– easier with EFCA

By Anna Masker In standard27th February, 2009

Buried in all of the financial news is a new law that could have tremendous negative impact on small business owners nationwide.  It is called the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), and it would allow workers to unionize very easily and relatively quickly if passed. I recently attended a seminar by Jackson Lewis,a law firm

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