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The value of being easy…

By Anna MaskerIn standard21st April, 2009

Now that I have your attention—let me clarify…

I believe that there is huge value in being easy to work with—so much so that customers would pay a premium for it, even in this economy. If you think about it, everyone is running around, trying hard to make a sale, and trying to find new opportunities to grow their business. The economy has them worried, their bankers have them worried, and they are, pretty much stressed out. The last thing anyone needs is complexity. That is why being easy to work with is so valuable.

What do I mean by “easy?”

  • If your answer to any of your client’s questions are “We’ll take care of it” –that is being easy.
  • If they feel that they can lean on you for advice or resources on how to do things better, even if it is outside your normal expertise, that is easy.
  • If they feel like they are getting value in the advice you give them, or in the product you provide above and beyond the price tag—that is being easy.
  • If they get complete solutions from you, or if you go the extra mile and bring in additional resources to solve their problem vs. just passing along a name—that is being easy.
  • If your client asks you for something and you stop and take the time to understand the root of the problem so you can provide the right answer (or pass it along to someone who can)—that is being easy.
  • If all of the steps of working with you, whether it returning calls in a timely manner, accurate billing, ease of payment, etc. make it hassle-free for your customer—that is being easy.

Why not be easy when everything else in this world is so hard? Differentiate yourself from your competition and reduce the complexities of life for your customers. They will be both delighted and loyal.

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