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Our mission is to accelerate the growth of small and medium-sized companies through sound, strategic advice and proactive financial management.  We go beyond the traditional role of finance as “scorekeeper” to become our client’s trusted advisor, developing the long-term vision for their firms and then ensuring they have people, processes and finances to execute it.  Whether we are handling the daily financial transactions, managing cash flow or laying out the 3-5 year strategic plan, our focus is always on the bigger picture, emphasizing profitability, proactivity, and plain talk.


wordlePrecision— We strive for errorless entry, for accurate reporting and for creative recommendations based on solid analysis and information. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline our processes, reduce errors and collectively share this information across our organization and with our clients.  Precision extends to our promises to our clients and to each other.  We let them know what we are able to do, when we will deliver it and what results they can expect.

Teamwork—We check our egos at the door.  No matter what our title or role is, we are open to feedback from all members of the team, including our clients.  We strive for continuous improvement to better serve our clients by giving a voice to everyone on the team.

Integrity—We always operate “above the line.”  We never compromise our integrity, nor provide the client with advice that goes against our core values.  We hold ourselves to this standard and look for it in our partners.  We are OK to walk away from clients who we discover do not share our core values.

Innovation- We strive to improve our work and our client’s experience through the use of technology and innovation. We bring the most out-of-the-box thinking to our clients to help them modernize their processes, reduce costs and gain efficiencies in their accounting and finance function.  We continually borrow best practices from different industries and apply them to all of our clients, and use technology to streamline our and our clients’ everyday work lives.

Experience Creation-  We aren’t your typical bean counters.  Laughter is a critical part of every engagement.  Our passion for what we do comes through in all of our communication with our clients and within our team.  It is our mission to get to know our clients beyond just their numbers.  We try to understand their needs and we strive to provide ways for them to realize their goals through the valuable services we perform.   We understand that sometimes they may not be as well-versed in accounting and finance as we are but we see our work as a way to improve their financial intelligence and lead them to a path of profitability, proactivity and positive cash flow.

Accountability- We own our work, we own its results. We take responsibility for our actions and the results we achieve.  So when an error is made we admit it, remedy it and find ways to prevent it from happening again.  We value the learnings we get from these experiences and share them with the team so collectively we are a better, smarter organization.

Balance- We have built this company on the “Work to Live” model, not the “Live to Work” model. We strive for balancing our work and family lives yet have a unrelenting focus on results and client service.  We believe this is possible to achieve through flexible work schedules and team-based approach in all that we do.

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