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We love working with our clients and enjoy the challenges they present us. We also love it when they let the world know what a great job we’ve done for them! Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients we have worked with over the years. See more testimonials below.

“I have had good experience with Profit Point having dismissed my bookkeeper and grown weary of doing control work myself. I’ve not used any other service, so I cannot compare relative to others, but from an absolute point of view, they are supremely competent, quick to fix the inevitable error (mine or theirs), quick to fix and not repeat process issues, and reasonably available for custom, impromptu, and rush services (I say “reasonably” not because of my experience, but rather because they are very careful to under-promise and over-deliver, and I don’t want to inappropriately overpromise on their behalf). They are an integral part of our workflow and embedded into our systems. Profit Point even has an internal Medisys email account (Accounting@) that all our employees use for access. You’ll notice I never refer to individuals, either in this referral  nor within our company, but rather as “Profit Point” or “Accounting”. While the personalities are there and make Profit Point strong and service oriented (specifically Anna and Marlene, whom I talk to frequently), the knowledge that I’m not tied to the availability, mood, skillset, or competency of any one individual is what drove our decision away from either rehiring the position or subcontracting to a consultant bookkeeper.

I first used Profit Point to design, document, and implement a Purchase order system, and sales order system, and a reporting system. This was done flawlessly and within our established timeline.  We are using the same systems for almost two years now without hiccup or major revision. When we decided to explore outsourcing our bookkeeping, we found competitive bids and services were similar. We chose Profit Point because of positive past experience and proximity.”

Hope this helps,

John Walz, Financial Officer


Dominic Piccirillo, Principal, The Cody Group

“Thanks, Anna Masker & Profit Point Team, for helping The Cody Group with our budget this year. Gaining an understanding of our numbers has allowed us to shift funds around and create room for revenue generating projects. “

Alice Turinas, Managing Partner, Turinas & Bird Law Firm

“The 2 hours I spent with Deb were about the most worthwhile 2 hours I have spent on my business this year! I now understand how much better it is to use QB online, and as planned she has vaulted us into the 21st century with the downloading of data directly from our bank account and credit cards.”

Sr. Theresa Rickard, President and Executive Director, RENEW International

“Profit Point consulting tremendously helped our organization improve our accounting system and our processes to be more accurate, cost and time efficient. Their clear thinking, knowledge base, perseverance and collaborative working style enabled us to achieve our goal in a timely manner.”

Mary Beth Oria, RENEW International, Director of Business Operations & Finance

“Profit Point Consulting has been a true partner with RENEW International during our recent accounting system transition. Anna and her team worked with us to develop a new GL system that has streamlined our financial reporting process, reduced our reliance on data entry into spreadsheets and increased our ability to automate more accounting activities. Our Finance team is now better able to analyze, impact and communicate our financial position, in less time. Grateful for PPC’S solid expertise and collaborative approach to our business solution.”

John Walz, Financial Officer, Medisys Health Communications

“I first used Profit Point to design, document, and implement a Purchase order system, and sales order system, and a reporting system. This was done flawlessly and within our established timeline. We are using the same systems for almost two years now without hiccup or major revision.”

Jennifer Naughton, President, Radiant Resources

“Profit Point helped us get a more granular view of our business…where we were spending, what expenditures were actually driving business growth and what was dragging us down. They helped us increase the accuracy of budget and forecasts and gave us insight we would not have had otherwise.”

Susana Fonticoba, Home & Office Computer Training, Hanover, New Jersey

“As a small business owner, I receive many forms of electronic marketing, passing themselves off as ‘newsletters.’ For the most part, they simply boil down to self promotion and thinly veiled sales offers. Delete, Delete, Delete…

However, when I see Anna’s newsletter arrive in my mailbox, I open it and read every word. Finally, a professional who knows how to articulate sound, useful and professional advice in a manner that I can fully understand and act upon. I am not a financial person, but Anna’s Straight To The Point is written with clarity and without jargon. Straight to the Point actually gets read 2 or 3 times, so that I can note how I can best put Anna’s expertise to work in my business.

Recently, I had invited Anna to present at the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and she impressed the members and guests with her sound and professional financial advice for fellow business owners.”

Holly Kaplansky, Owner, Minuteman Press, Newark, New Jersey

“Working with Anna was terrific – she really knows her way around P&L’s. Reviewing the information with her was not only informational – it was actually fun! Every business owner should know and fully understand their P&L. After all, it’s the Owners Manual to your business, and is the most important tool which will tell you if you are making any money, how much, and if not – why.

Anna is an excellent resource to lay this all out in a clear and easy to understand way. She even found an error on my P&L and once it was corrected, I was making more than I thought! I highly recommend using her services.”

Juliet Foster, President, J. Foster Photography

“As a number hater, I dreaded collecting my information to not only complete my taxes but also understand my bottom line. Anna helped me sit down, organize my documents, create my profit/loss statement and get my taxes filed. I can’t say enough about her because it was truly a daunting task for me and she really helped me by setting up a spreadsheet to create industry specific categories and she helped me understand how to properly structure my business financially to run it much more effectively. And though my eyes were about to fall out of my head from all of the number crunching that had to go on, I have a much better understanding of how to run my business financially and I completed my taxes.”

Barbara Zacconne, President, BZA, LLC

“Anna helped BZA organize our QuickBooks so we could get accurate and meaningful reports. She also set us up with performance metrics so which we could measure and track our profitability and goals on a monthly basis. She took what I would consider to be a daunting process and explained things clearly in a step by step manner. She is a true professional and a delight to work with.”

Sheila Bermel, President, Good to Go Productions

“Profit Point helped us to get a handle on our cash flow– creating a forecasting tool that we live and die by. It not only gave us the ability to see and manage our receivables and payments but allowed us to plan for future expenditures. We were finally able to manage the cash-flow roller coaster of our high growth business.

We looked for a long time for a company like Profit Point. They understand finance, but they also understand how operations, sales and manufacturing are impacted– a unique combination that helped us to identify and find solutions to many of our most pressing issues. They have positively impacted our business, gave us control over our cash flow and would highly recommend them to other small businesses.”

Mike Doyle, Drive 80 Studios

“Anna hired my company Drive 80 Studios to create an animation to explain what her company does. During the project I felt exactly like the character in the animation and decided I needed to utilize her services for myself.

The one thing Anna said to us throughout the process of creating her project was that she wished she started on the ground floor with some of her clients. This resonated big time with me because I wanted a company who had excellent experience handling my books from day 1. So we hired Profit Point Consulting and they have been nothing but fabulous to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable about their industry and just super down to earth. I feel that I can ask any question and it is always received with an excellent response. If you are in the market for a company to take care of your books I HIGHLY recommend Profit Point Consulting.”

John Walz, Financial Officer, Medisys Health Communications, LLC

“Anna, it was so great working with you and your team. While I had no doubt you would be able to clean up the incredible mess left by our previous accounting consultant, I had no idea you would be able to do it so quickly, painlessly, and, most importantly, flawlessly. You have restored my faith in my numbers and the accuracy of my reports. After months of sleepless nights because I simply didn’t know my company’s financial position, I can now not sleep because I do!”

Darren Hernandez, President, Protecall Coatings, LLC

“When I first heard that we had a meeting scheduled with a consultant I figured it would be the typical waste of time, going in circles talking theory and not resulting in any tangible end results or benefits.

After meeting with Debra to discuss the overall goals and objectives I realized that she had a firm grasp on the where we wanted to go and I was curious if she would be able to convert that into a useable format. Her understanding of the required level of detail necessary without getting bogged down in the weeds with minutiae was impressive.

In the follow-up meeting with Debra and Anna they presented real world practical policies, procedures and processes, in a coherent and sequential manner, that are going to have an immediate impact on our ability to better manage the business.

It was refreshing to work with consultants who take a hands-on approach providing implementation solutions without over-analyzing or complicating the process. I really like the way Profit Point Consulting operates and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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