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Going with the flow—a lesson learned from dying Easter eggs

By Anna MaskerIn standard9th April, 2009

I spent a better part of Saturday afternoon dying Easter eggs with my two kids (ages 6 and 3) and my 85 year old grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. In spite of my best efforts to keep the proper assembly line going, there was no holding back two kids who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the eggs, or my grandmother who kept forgetting the eggs were in the dye.

Needless to say it was crazy…

Looking back, there were some lessons I re-learned that day:

  1. Go with the flow. My assembly line wasn’t what we needed, what we needed was more like chaos management.
  2. Sometimes you have to delegate. Luckily, my sister was my extra pair of hands when it came to making sure my 3 year old wasn’t spilling, eating the paint, or cracking the eggs, otherwise he would have consumed my full attention.
  3. Let your creativity flow. I am a numbers person, and being creative with your numbers can be illegal (like Enron) or can get you into big trouble (like mortgage-backed securities.) But long after the kids were bored and off playing, I sat with my grandmother hand painting some eggs. I listened contently to her stories I must have heard a hundred times, and painted. I admit my mind was wandering as she talked but I forgot how nice it was to do something different and how long it had been since I picked up a brush. It actually gave me new energy to do more artistic projects like I used to when I “had more time.”

When it was all done, we had two dozen perfectly imperfect painted eggs, two beaming children proud of their masterpieces, one grandmother who was looking for more eggs to dye and one tired mom (that’s me.) I don’t think it gets better than that…

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