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In awe of entrepreneurs

By Anna MaskerIn standard30th March, 2009

Many of my colleagues and friends are entrepreneurs. Many have been impacted by the recession facing limited financing, declining sales and tight cash flow.

Many are undaunted that they will make it through.

Entrepreneurs have started their businesses because they seized an opportunity. Many took the jump from cushy corporate jobs with long hours and benefits accompanied by a steady paycheck into a world of even longer hours, limited benefits, and, for many, no paycheck for the first few years.

So when there is all doom and gloom in the news, I still have faith.

I have faith in the entrepreneurs who will innovate our way out of this recession, for the businesses who are lean and agile to swoop up all the opportunities that are in the marketplace. For those that will create the next iPod or Tivo or other innovation that many of us can’t imagine living without. For those who have adapted their value offerings to keep their customers who are struggling loyal to them, and for those who have found the courage to walk away from those things that will never make any return.

I am sure that all of these entrepreneurs will be well positioned and well prepared for the upswing which is bound to come.

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