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Planning is more than a sales goal.

By Anna MaskerIn standard23rd January, 2009

One mistake I see business owners make is setting a sales goal and then considering their plan for the year complete. They are, frankly, selling themselves short (pun intended).
A good plan includes sitting down with a pen and paper or (gasp!) Excel spreadsheet and figure out how many widgets you’ll have to sell or how many contracts you’ll have to close, and at what price.
That will give you the baseline for the tactics you’ll have to employ to get there. What do you need to do to get to the sales goal? Does it mean more marketing, if, so how much? Do you need more sales people or distribution channels? Are you going to expand into a new market or go after your competitor’s customers? How?
You see where I am going with this…
Planning is more than a 1 hour process, and is extremely important for setting your course for the upcoming year. Revenue is an important target, but it’s really only a result of how well you outline and execute the rest of your plan.

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